Instant Photo Album provided by Infoloom. is now offered by Infoloom Inc. replacing Ipaloom Corp. This change emphasizes the fact that instantphotoalbum is now considered a free service  to complement Infoloom's publishing services to professional users. Infoloom provides consulting and production services for onlne publishing. For more information, go to

No time limit for free albums

We are going to offer our standard instant photo album service free of charge until further notice. Supplementary features that are designed for use by professionals and for which a small fee will be charged should be available by early 2015.

Adding photos will not disrupt their order

After you spent time reordering the photos, your work was lost when adding new photos, because photos would reorganize automatically according the their file names. Now when you add new photos, they are located at the beginning of the album, and the other photos stay in the order in which they were.

Bigger Photos

We have improved the way albums are produced. Now photos occupy most of the space in every page. If there are no descriptions, photos nearly fill the whole page. When you add text after a photo, more space is added at the bottom of each photo. You can add two to three lines of text and stay on the same page. If your text is longer, the remainder of the text will be on a separate page following the page with the photo.

Photo albums with your smartphone.

Thus far, it has been possible to create photo albums from smartphones but some of the operations were cumbersome. We have now improved the interface so that it will be as easy to create and/or edit a photo album with a smartphone as with a laptop or a tablet. This is a web app, not a native smartphone app: that means that to access instantphotoalbum, you still need to use your browser to access our web site. We welcome your comments and suggestions for further improvements.